Two shows opening in October » Spill

Spill, mixed media, 77"x28"x8"

3 Responses to “Spill”

  1. Tom Schworer says:

    Dear Tamara,
    This is a haunting, disturbing, beautiful work.
    Just what art should be doing.
    Thank you!
    Put me on your mailing list if you keep one.
    And keep of the great painting.

  2. Tom Schworer says:

    That is, “Keep UP the great painting.”

  3. Tamara says:

    Thank you so much, Tom! I appreciate your feedback. Delighted to add you to my mailing list – and I would love to be on yours, if you show locally. I just looked at your website, and your photos are stunning. (I would have used the word haunting, but you beat me to it.)

    – Tamara

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