Antony Gormley sculpture
I’m still inspired by (and trying to process) everything I saw on a recent visit to New York City.

It was the classic whirlwind tour: museums, galleries, the city itself, seeing friends, an art school open house.

Highlights include the Metropolitan Museum (twice. My 5th visit and I’m still discovering entire new wings???), MOMA (Marina Abramović in performance, Tim Burton retrospective, all of modern art laid out for digestion), Whitney Biennial, Antony Gormley sculptures scattered like sentinals around Madison Park, a Susan Hauptman exhibit at the Forum, visiting the New York Academy of Art, discovering the Highline trail, buskers, jazz saxophone floating up the airshaft to our hotel window (total noir), piano & strings in the mezzanine bar at the Met, and street vendor hotdogs.

2 Responses to “Pilgrimage”

  1. Margaret says:

    Street food is the best part of NY! That and sitting in Times Square now that it is partly closed to traffic. The Event Horizon scultpures look awesome – and let me know when you find the restroom wing in the Met 😉 (how many millions of people visit there, and there’s like 4 stalls???)

  2. Tamara says:

    Margaret – I may not have found all the art yet, but I’ve gotten pretty good at locating restrooms and drinking fountains at the Met. The trick is to hunt down the ones that are not near (a) the cafeteria, (b) a popular special exhibition. And of course not to get lost or distracted on the way there or back…