And now for something completely different…

Capitol Hill Art Invasion.

On April 9, artists took over a Capitol Hill house scheduled for demolition and filled it with site specific installations and works of art on all available wall space, as part of the conversation about changing neighborhoods in Seattle.  The old house seemed to appreciate the send-off of this one-night art show.   It was activated by the art and full of people.

The vibrancy and thoughtfulness engendered by the event was a positive demonstration that as we grow and prosper – dare I say in order to grow and prosper – we must make space for beauty, joy, artists, and creativity.

CHS Capitol Hill Blog had excellent coverage of the event.

Installation: Skyline with Cranes

Skyline with Cranes, my 8×14 ft installation as part of Capitol Hill Art Invasion

Poem fragment

Poem fragment on a land use sign

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