“Faces and Figures” art talk

University House, the location of the “Faces and Figures” show, is a large retirement community hanging off the side of the Issaquah plateau.  Yesterday about four of us accepted the invitation to talk about our work to the residents.  I enjoyed the experience and learned a great deal from the other artists.  Each of us happened to address a different aspect of our work – technical, process, inspiration, sources.

Presenting a talk at a retirement home has its own challenges.  They had a very nice sound system set up, despite the moderate size of the room.  And the curator passed example works around the room for the audience to see; I blush to say I wouldn’t have thought of that myself, but she has extensive experience curating for them.

The talks were well received. I had to run afterward, but I understand the discussion afterward was quite lively, and some of the artists were invited to residents’ apartments to see art they had collected and continue the discussion.

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